Case Studies

Future of Beauty – Large cosmetics company


Leadership Accelerator Program


A Global Cosmetics Company


This consumer goods company was losing some of its high-potential leaders — or “rising stars” as they called them — to competitors, career shifts, and hierarchical culture that clashed with the values and mindset of this younger generation. To help retain this talent, the client wanted to create a special learning program targeting this leadership group. As known critics of traditional business education approaches, we were engaged to do something different; to redesign an existing program to be more interactive, holistic, and relevant to the needs and cares of these emerging leaders. This program ran two-to-three times a year at a leading business school in Europe. Participants included 17 different nationalities from around the world.

Objectives & Methods

The objective was to inspire these young leaders about their future career opportunities, and empower them to be active contributors in shaping the company’s future. The pedagogy featured open dialogues with senior management about strategy, discussions about core internal challenges and dilemmas, and real workshops (not simulated projects) focused on eliciting and channeling their ideas into the organization. Participants also explored topics like the “future of beauty” with leading artists and thinkers, experienced a exciting new part of their business in the field, and learned skills like scenario planning, social networking, and cross-cultural training—capabilities to help them become adaptive leaders of the future.


The outcomes included:

  • Greater retention of some key leaders, individuals who were planning on leaving the organization.
  • A deeper understanding from senior executives of the generational issues and perceptions facing this younger generation, which resulted in some significant policy shifts.
  • The “future of beauty” exploration provided greater traction for some new product ideas, which were previously sidelined.

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