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Future of Canada’s Largest Port – Port Metro Vancouver


Port Metro Vancouver


Strategy & Scenario Planning | Multi-stakeholder Collaboration


Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) is Canada’s largest port and gateway to Asia— a major employer and essential to Canada’s future competitiveness. At the same time, PMV is situated within the Vancouver Lower Mainland, which is globally recognized for its livability and sustainability focus.

In 2010, PMV worked with Adaptive Edge to launch Port 2050. Guided by the question—“what is good growth? — Porto 2050 was designed to reconcile multiple perspectives at the local level while integrating a sophisticated understanding of industry and global trends, including: shifting global trade routes; climate change; new consumption and production patterns; and potential game-changers in transportation, shipping technologies and supply chains.

Port 2050’ goal was to create a shared long-term vision of the Port’s future with PMV’s diverse stakeholders. In addition, PMV wanted to enhance its own foresight and adaptive long-term planning capacity to better match the more dynamic and complex business environment.


After an initial scoping process, Port 2050 included the following steps, over the course of 2010-2011:

  • An expert panel series featuring thought leaders around key themes and drivers of change.
  • A stakeholder dialogue process where we listened to participants’ views and perspectives on the future.
  • A two-day scenario planning workshop with key stakeholders, synthesizing perspectives and key research.
  • Iterating and testing the scenarios within PMV’s leadership and staff, with key experts and stakeholder feedback.
  • A communication and outreach process into the community, to be continued into 2012.


  • A shared yet dynamic 40-year vision for the Port’s future, which was co-created with its stakeholders.
  • A well-received stakeholder process, which has opened new doors for collaboration and dialogue around other contested issues.
  • Greater recognition of PMV’s leadership role within the gateway and community.
  • Revised strategic priorities for PMV to include a focus on innovation.
  • A refreshed strategic vision and mission to reflect PMV’s new insights and shifting role in the community.

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